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Zoe Demery PhD CPsychol CCAB CABC

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Parrots and cockatoos are very sociable and intelligent creatures, so problems can develop where their nature does not meld with our human domestic world. Behaviour issues include...

Excessive preening

White parrot bite fingers. parrot playing.


African grey parrot after chewing a wardrobe door


Using ethical, evidence-based techniques, I can work with you to understand your birds' issues.

A bit about me

I have a doctorate in parrot cognition. I have also given talks and published about these fascinating birds to a wide range of audiences. I moved into clinical behaviour practice in 2012 and have since helped dozens of birds and their caregivers around the world better understand each other. I also love mentoring others training to become avian behaviourists.

I am so far the only independently accredited clinical parrot behaviourist in the UK (CCAB). I am also a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, registered with ABTC, certified by IAABC as a parrot behaviour consultant, an Allied Professional Member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians and I am a proud Certificated Member of FAB Clinicians.


The consultation process

Vet referral &

caregiver questionnaire

To rule out physiological contributions to behaviour issues, I first require an avian vet referral. Then please return a preliminary behaviour questionnaire prior to our consultation.

History-taking & assessment

Ideally everyone involved in your bird’s life is present. I observe your parrot in their home environment with you all and considers the surrounding area. This may occur in person or over online video link. I ask lots of questions to understand your parrot's underlying feelings and motivations for the behaviour issues.

Treatment plan

& follow-up support

I design a realistic behaviour modification plan. This will take a lot of time and effort on your part to implement, but I will support you remotely through it for at least the first 3 months. Your vet is kept in the loop and a veterinary behaviourist is on hand to provide additional support if necessary.



Lilly and Kiki

"You have been wonderful to work with - clearly such a caring person. You have turned Kiki's life around."

Close Up of a Parrot

TJ, Timothy & Sarah

"We couldn't be happier with the changes we've seen in our feathered family member - thank you Zoe. You've worked wonders."

Nardie's flock

"Even the budgies who were easily spooked respond well to me now and really love their fly time! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and giving me so many tips for improving my flock's lives."